Chad E. Owen

Chad E. Owen PsyD BIO


Dr. Owen is a Clinical Psychologist and has been working in the field of psychology for over two decades. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern University and holds a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. He currently works with adult populations with a specialty in mood disorders and cognitive therapy His area of interest is in the field of psychological strengths. His research has looked at the influence of strengths in Emergency Psychiatry and has extrapolated this in to his clinical practice. He has found that in addition to treating pathology the focus on individual strengths is an essential feature of overall psychological health. Dr. Owen uses psychological strengths to assist individuals to achieve optimal psychological health and overall engagement in life in an intentional way.

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Matthew R. Winstanley

Matthew R. Winstanley PsyD BIO


Dr. Winstanley is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings such as psychiatric emergency care, inpatient hospitals and most recently over the past 10 years in a private practice setting. Prior to beginning his clinical practice, Dr. Winstanley received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Michigan State University, his Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University, and finally his Doctorate from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Winstanley currently works with adolescents and adults dealing with a variety of issues ranging from depression, anxiety and anger issues to challenges related to life transitions such as divorce, death, career changes, and relational troubles. He has a particular interest in applying cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions to help people develop the coping skills to improve their situation. In addition, his prior research with urban adolescent parents helps him to consider the role larger family and community systems play in influencing one’s individual functioning, with a focus on how one develops resiliency and strength in the face of significant stressors. Dr. Winstanley makes it a priority to engage his clients in an active, compassionate manner that helps them improve their functioning and reach optimal health.

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Taylor Esposito

Taylor Esposito PsyD BIO

Dr. Esposito is a Clinical Psychologist with experience working in university, hospital, and community mental health settings. He received his Master’s and Doctorate, with emphasis in health psychology, from The Adler School in Chicago. He completed his clinical internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Wichita State University receiving specialized training in preventative health psychology and sports psychology. Dr. Esposito utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy combined with motivational interviewing and other approaches to treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship concerns, interpersonal conflict, and substance use. His particular area interest and research are in maladaptive eating patterns and the psychological components of eating behaviors. Dr. Esposito uses mindfulness techniques to help establish healthy eating habits. Dr. Esposito engages clients in a warm, supportive, and active manner to collaborate with them on goals related to improved functioning and mental wellness.


Adam Hellebrand, PsyD

Adam Hellebrand, PsyD BIO

Dr. Hellebrand has vast experience in a variety of settings, including intensive outpatient, primary care settings, community mental health, college counseling and private practice. He holds a Doctorate from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a Masters degree in Evaluation and Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University.

He treats a wide range of concerns, including mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, and difficult life transitions or stressors. He utilizes cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and strength-based approaches in his work to helps people develop more adaptive cognitions/behaviors and healthier coping strategies, discover latent strengths, and to promote over health and wellness. He also has an interest in working with fathers, and in particular new fathers, who are navigating multiple roles that challenge one’s sense of self. Dr. Hellebrand considers himself to both a guide and advocate to help people discover, or rediscover, their motivators, passions, goals, hidden strengths and unique potential, and to create opportunities to reach that potential.

Dr. Hellebrand also has the privilege to be a member of the Board of Directors of NAMI, supporting the development and delivery of mental health programs in the Chicagoland area.

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Mary Hope Mitchell

Mary Hope Mitchell MA, LCPC BIO

Mary, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has a combined 21 years experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults, within a special education department and over the last few years in a clinical outpatient setting. She has extensive experience with a wide variety of concerns, including ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. She also has vast knowledge with self-harm and people who engage in risky behaviors and/or anti-social behaviors. When working with adolescence and young adults, she works closely with parents and families to help identify goals and relevant behavioral changes. Her theoretical background draws mainly from cognitive behavioral therapy, but she also uses mindfulness, client focused techniques and goal oriented strategies. She believes in treatment that focuses on identifying and relieving the dysfunctional symptoms that bring clients to therapy. She engages in a personalized approach that is compassionate and authentic.


Tiffany C. Owen

Tiffany C. Owen MA, LCPC BIO

Tiffany is a Licensed Counselor who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treating adults and adolescents with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and adjustment disorders. She received her Masters in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has done advanced training at the Rush University Medical Center, Treatment Research Center. Her collaborative approach in treatment aims at successfully returning individuals to optimal functioning and achieving lasting personal strength.

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